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Oneclick signup to any online platform once you verify your particulars and get the unique badge.

App Features

Start working with Plugbadge that provides you full control over your particulars in just a click.

User Verification

upload your particulars (International Passport, National Identity Card, Voter's Card, Driver's License,Bank statement, Light Bill,Tax Bill,Birth certificate) etc, for verification

Unique Badge

Get a unique badge that you can render to anyone that request your authenticity online

Oneclick Signup

User the oneclick signup button to register on any online platform with no stress of user verification of any sort.

Track Accessed Particulars

Get a list of all the online platforms that have access to your particulars and pull particulars at anytime

Particulars Security

Select which of your particulars to give out or restrict from third party platform.

Geneology Tree coming Soon

Trace and link your geneology on user's request on the platform

Where to use Xcrowbage?

Save your time and that of you users with Plugbadge onclick signup and verification on your platform.

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You can now combine Plugbadge App with your existing or new user verification system. Get user registered user's particulars verified within 48Hrs

  • Integrate oneclick signup button to you website
  • Send registered users for verification
  • Get your website or mobile app in the hands of millions of badged Nigerians.
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Fully Secured

Your particulars or information is not given to any third-part platform without your explicit permission.

Best Performance

Plugbadge app is user friend with illustrations and descriptions so you can always take the right actions

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